5 Best Toddler Water Shoes (That Let Kids Walk on Wet Surfaces Confidently)

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Going to a swimming pool or a beach with a toddler is one of the biggest risks a parent can take. Some kids may crawl or run around while others swim, depending on their age. 

No matter how comfy they are, regular shoes aren’t the best choice for use near water. The best thing to do for your youngster is to buy them a pair of the best toddler water shoes.

We have reviewed some of these shoes below to make your selection hassle-free. Hopefully, this review will help you rest assured that your children’s feet are safe, comfortable, and dry.

Read on to find out which water shoes might suit your young one.

Quick Glance: Best Toddler Water Shoes

ShoeBest forColor optionsAvailable shoe size
KEEN Unisex-Child CNX SandalSolid construction224-7
CIOR Boys and Girls Water ShoesComfort139-9.5
Fresko Kids Water Shoes for ToddlersCushion Insoles295-10
iPlay Baby Toddler Water ShoesBreathability34-9
Teva Kids’ Tidepool closetoe-K SandalsMaterial34-10

1. Best for Solid Construction: KEEN Unisex-Child CNX Sandal

KEEN has long been a significant player on the water shoe market, and for a good reason – superior quality. And these USA-made kids’ water sandals only prove the point further.

The bottom of the shoe is designed like an athletic shoe or boot for outstanding traction, but the sole and toe are thickly protected.

An elastic shoelace and a Velcro clasp let you customize the fit, and the quick-drying fabric also has an odor-controlling property built right in.

Even if your child keeps running nonstop all day, these shoes will keep them comfortable thanks to the detachable footbed and unmatched anatomical support.

They also come in every color of the rainbow, so you may pick your child’s favorite or go with a unisex hue for future hand-me-downs.

2. Best for Comfort: CIOR Boys and Girls Water Shoes

Colors and sizes for toddlers, tiny kids, and big kids are available for these water shoes. The shoes’ uppers are composed of flexible webbing and quick-drying material. Additionally, the pull tab on the heel and the strap across the top prevent them from coming off.

Besides having a soft footbed and firm outsole, these shoes feature a small hole that allows water to flow out, resulting in quicker drying times.

The shoe’s material with rubber pods protects the children’s feet from sharp rocks and stones. It also provides a more secure grip and prevents slips and falls. The holes are also breathable and can absorb shock and minimize muscle fatigue in the feet and legs.

When toddlers wear these water shoes, they won’t have to worry about chafing, thanks to the rubber sole that provides an extraordinarily lightweight midsole with good bounce-back and durability.

Besides, they will not miss the fun of beach activities such as sailing, wakeboarding, swimming, boating, and windsurfing. 

They can also have them on during gardening, bike riding, jogging, lawn, walking, and family outings.

3. Best Cushion Insoles: Fresko Kids Water Shoes for Toddlers

Sand is kept out, thanks to the sole, which is thin enough for the youngster to feel the surface below but thick enough to provide traction. Additionally, the upper is waterproof and dries off quickly.

It’s all wrapped up in a water sock with extra protection for the toes. The upper is made of neoprene, which is water-resistant and quickly dries.

Thanks to the elastic waistband and Velcro closures, both you and the toddler will have no trouble putting these on.

These will provide your child with the necessary protection without being overly bulky, and he can wear them in various events like swimming, surfing, boating, among others.

When kids wear our water shoes, they won’t have to worry about chafing, thanks to the EVA material sole and rubber pods that provide an extraordinarily lightweight midsole with good bounce-back and durability.

Breathable fabric is used in the shoe design to keep the wearer’s feet cool and comfortable.

4. Best Breathable: iPlay Baby Toddler Water Shoes

iPlay has plenty of impressive products for kids. Their swim shoes are top-ranking products, especially the iPlay water shoes.

The iPlay water shoes are designed with highly breathable and quick-drying textiles. The shoes are also flexible, and a tab on the back makes them simple to put on and take off.

The bottoms feature non-slip rubber, allowing your toddler to walk around the watery pool deck confidently. It also guarantees safety on slippery surfaces since no tripping and falling will occur.

The shoes’ outer shell is designed with polyester and EVA, while the soles are synthetic rubber. Not to mention, the shoes are hand-washable, and they protect the toddler’s feet whenever they’re in the water.

5. Best Material: Teva Kids’ Tidepool closetoe-K Sandals

Most adults are familiar with Teva. They are sturdy sandals ideal for warm summer days and beach-combing.

Moreover, these sandals are available in children’s sizes. Although they resemble adult sandals, the Teva kids sandals feature a closed toe to protect your child’s small foot digits.

The bottom of the shoe uses Teva’s classic rubberized sole. It also has a Velcro strap that secures the sandal’s upper portion. It is also available in six colors.

These sandals are pretty adorable and easy to put on and take off. The material is excellent and does not chafe your child’s skin at the heel, as many other shoes do.

Additionally, the covered toe is an excellent feature for new walkers because it prevents them from scuffing their toes as they learn to walk.

Final Thoughts

The primary purpose of purchasing water shoes is to keep your toddler’s feet safe and comfortable while walking on potentially dangerous, painful, and sharp surfaces.

Water shoes enable children to enjoy the outdoors while protecting their feet from injury. Water-filled areas such as rivers, oceans, and lakes present numerous hazards to a barefoot child.

Water shoes can act as protection to your child’s sensitive feet and potential hazards in or around the water. 

Get your toddler a pair of any water shoes from the list to enable them to enjoy every moment at the beach.

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As an avid swimmer and kayak lover for decades, I know how important it is to get the right shoes to keep your feet healthy.
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As an avid swimmer and kayak lover for decades, I know how important it is to get the right shoes to keep your feet healthy.
I’ll let you in on some secrets only a few know…

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