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There is something about hot weather and kids playing in the water that seems inseparable, whether it’s running through sprinklers, water-balloon or squirt-gun battles, beach games, or wading in shallow creeks.

Playing barefoot or without proper shoes could pose a danger to the little ones. When buying the best water shoes for kids, you want to go for high quality, comfortability, safety, quick-dry ability, and lovely designs.

We have come up with a list that summarizes the best water shoes for kids available on the market. Keep on reading!

Quick Glance: Best Water Shoes for Kids

Shoe Best Feature Color Options Available size (Little Kid) Available size (Toddler) Available size (Big Kid)
Seannel Kids’ Water Shoes Breathability      18 11-12 7-13 N/A
HIITAVE Kids’ Water Shoes Nice looking     11 11-13 N/A 1-4
CIOR Kids’ Water Shoes Safety      24 10.5-13 9-9.5 1-6.5
KUBUA Kids’ Water Shoes Comfort     12 11.5-13 N/A 1-4
Racqua Kids Water Shoes Value for money     14 11-13 N/A 1-4
CROVA Kids Water Shoes Traction      17 1.5-13 7-10 4-5

Best Water Shoes for Kids - Top 6 Picks

 Best Breathable: Seannel Kids' Water Shoes

Breathability is crucial in the best water shoes as it helps dry feet and prevents high skin friction that causes blisters.

The Seannel kids’ water shoes offer ventilation holes all over the shoes to drain water quickly and also reduce odor, allowing your child to go about their business stress-free.

The shoes are made with ultra-lightweight and flexible material. With a weight of only 0.4-0.5lb, it provides great freedom and comfort.

These water shoes boast an anti-slip EVA sole that adds more secure traction to them. They also feature an ergonomically molded shock absorption protective toe guard to give your child sufficient protection against rocks and stones.

This water shoe is soft and flexible. You can quickly put them in your bag when going out or after using them; they don’t take up too much space.

The Seannel shoes are suitable for many occasions such as water park, pool, bath, outdoor, indoor, beach volleyball, sailing, boating, windsurfing, cycling, jogging, walking, fishing, car-washing, and vacation.

Best Nice Looking: HIITAVE Kids' Water Shoes

The HIITAVE kids’ water shoe is a beautiful athletic water shoe sneaker for kids made with stretchy, quick-drying fabric. The footbed is made of an entirely hydrophobic honeycomb mesh with excellent cushioning that reduces foot stress and makes walking in them easier and more comfortable.

The safe toe-cap design offers better cushioning against collisions with rocks and hard surfaces and also allows all toes to move freely.

The HIITAVE water shoes have a textured rubber outsole for improved traction, ensuring your kid doesn’t slip on wet surfaces. The soft and thickened insole protects your little one’s feet against potential injuries from rocks and sharp objects.

These shoes are super lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear and remove. They also feature an easily adjustable elastic strap that holds the shoes securely on the feet.

They can be rocked for the beach, pool, water sports, daily walking, barefoot pool, and other indoor and outdoor sports activities.


Best For Safety: CIOR Kids’ Water Shoes

The CIOR kids’ water shoes are made with stretchy, breathable, and ultra-lightweight fabric, which creates a cooler and healthier water shoes for kids.

The shoe’s breathable insoles are also cushioned with soft EVA materials that absorb shock and reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs.

If you’re concerned about your child’s feet’ safety, these shoes are made of strong EVA material with rubber pods, to increase traction, so you don’t slip or fall. They also keep pointed rocks and stones from hurting kids’ feet.

These CIOR water shoes are super comfortable thanks to the EVA material sole with rubber pods that provide a lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability, thereby reducing chafing when kids wear the water shoes and improving comfortability.

Best Comfort: KUBUA Kids’ Water Shoes

The KUBUA water shoes are made with soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric, giving the feet flexibility and a comfortable feel. The smooth neck design reduces chafing when kids wear the shoes.

These shoes are also lightweight, convenient, and quick-drying. The smooth ultra-lightweight fabrics and easy slip-on design make them easy to wear and take off. The shoes also have an elastic strap to adjust depending on the width of your child’s foot.

The high-quality, slip-resistant rubber sole offers stability and traction to kids’ little feet. Being lightweight and compressible, the KUBUA water shoes are easy to fold and carry around.

They are suitable for any sports and outdoor activities such as yoga training, fishing, beach volleyball, aqua therapy, weight training, boating, waterfall hikes, and many more.

Best Value for the Money: Racqua Kids’ Water Shoes

Here is another brand dedicated to creating high-quality water shoes for kids at a pocket-friendly price. 

The soft and stretchy fabric used in making the shoes provides comfort and flexibility. The sole has multiple drainage holes that allow water and sand to flow out, providing a brilliant quick-drying effect that keeps the shoe environment dry, healthy, and comfortable.

With safety in mind, Racqua made the tread pattern of the sole in such a way as to prevent kids from slipping while wearing it. The sole is made of solid rubber to protect the kid’s feet from sharp rocks and stones.

The velcro design of these water shoes helps kids quickly put them on and take them off. They can also adjust the tightness of the shoes according to the width of their foot.

It also comes in various exciting colors and patterns for your kid to choose from!

Best Traction: CROVA kids’ Water Shoes

CROVA aims at providing kids with top-quality, lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying water shoes. The upper is made of Scuba Knit Fabric with maximum breathability and quick-drying ability to ensure comfort when rocking them.

The Midsole of the CROVA is designed for maximum water drainage. The outsole features super high traction rubber for optimal grip.

The shoe is adjustable and flexible. The hook-and-loop closure makes wearing and removing the shoes straightforward. Furthermore, the smooth and elastic neck design prevents chafing when wearing these shoes.

The shoe is soft and lightweight, with its footbed made of a hydrophobic honeycomb mesh with excellent cushioning and durability, thus reducing foot stress, and it is easy to walk in them.


Key Features to Consider in the Best Water Shoes for Kids

Choosing the right pair of water shoes for your child is crucial, not only for their safety but also for their comfort and overall experience during water activities. Here’s what you should consider when looking for the best water shoes for kids:

  • Breathability and Quick Drying: When kids play in the water, they’re bound to get wet, and having shoes that retain moisture can be uncomfortable and lead to blisters. The best water shoes for kids ensure adequate breathability, thanks to mesh designs or ventilation holes that permit airflow. These designs also facilitate quick drying, preventing a damp environment inside the shoe that can cause discomfort or even fungal infections.

  • Material and Comfort: Kids are always on the move, and when they’re exploring watery environments, the last thing they want is an uncomfortable shoe. The material of the water shoes plays a pivotal role in comfort. Look for water shoes made from soft, lightweight materials that mold to a child’s foot shape. Whether they are kids water hiking shoes or simple beach footwear, the material should be supple yet durable, ensuring the feet remain cozy and protected.

  • Safety Features: One of the primary reasons parents opt for water shoes for their children is safety. Wet surfaces can be slippery, and the risk of accidents is high. The best water shoes for kids come with anti-slip soles to offer a secure grip. Moreover, features like protective toe guards in kids water hiking shoes safeguard against unforeseen obstacles, be it on the beach or a rocky riverbed.

  • Flexibility and Portability: Kids are spontaneous. They might be playing on the beach one moment and running on a trail the next. The best water shoes for kids are flexible, adapting to every movement, twist, and turn. They’re also portable. Their lightweight nature means they can be quickly stashed in a bag without taking up much space, ready for the next adventure.

  • Versatility and Use-cases: Kids aren’t just limited to swimming; they might want to try beach volleyball, sailing, or even a bit of light hiking near water bodies. Versatile water resistant shoes for kids or kids water proof shoes ensure that children remain protected and comfortable in various settings. Whether they’re exploring tide pools, going on a boat, or merely splashing around in a rainy garden, their feet remain dry and secure.

Water shoes

Breathability and the Best Water Shoes for Kids


Water shoes are a game-changer for kids who love spending time around water bodies. But, as with any footwear, comfort is crucial, and this is where breathability becomes paramount. So, why does proper ventilation matter, and how do specific designs enhance this feature in kids’ water shoes?

Why Proper Ventilation Matters?

  1. Comfort: One of the foremost reasons to ensure breathability in water shoes for kids is comfort. When kids play, splash, and swim, their feet are bound to get wet. A shoe that traps this moisture can quickly become uncomfortable, leading to a squelching sensation with every step. Properly ventilated shoes wick away this moisture, ensuring that the feet remain cozy.

  2. Prevention of Blisters: Water combined with constant friction from movement is a recipe for blisters. Breathable shoes reduce the chances of this friction because they reduce the dampness that softens the skin, making it more susceptible to blistering.

  3. Hygiene: Trapped moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. A shoe that doesn’t breathe can, over time, become a host for microorganisms, leading to foot infections and unpleasant odors. Well-ventilated shoes ensure a dry environment, reducing the risk of such problems.

The Role of Mesh Designs and Drainage Holes

  1. Mesh Designs: One of the primary ways water shoes ensure breathability is through mesh designs. Mesh is a material that consists of a network of wire or thread. In the context of shoes, it’s a fabric that allows air to flow freely. When incorporated into water shoes for kids, it lets the water out and lets air in, ensuring rapid drying and comfort. Besides, mesh is typically lightweight, adding to the shoe’s overall comfort.

  2. Drainage Holes: Some of the best water shoes for kids feature drainage holes, strategically placed at the bottom or the sides of the shoe. These holes serve a dual purpose. They let out water, ensuring the foot remains as dry as possible. At the same time, they allow air to circulate within the shoe, further promoting dryness and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids’ water shoes are designed to provide protection to their feet from sharp objects, hot surfaces, and slippery underwater objects when they play in or around water. They are especially beneficial in environments like beaches, pools, rivers, or water parks.

While both are designed for use in wet environments, there are subtle differences. Aqua socks are more lightweight, fit closer to the foot, and are generally more flexible. Water shoes, on the other hand, often have a more rugged sole for protection and may provide better traction.

While water shoes can be used for walking, they’re specifically designed for aquatic environments. Some kids’ water hiking shoes might be suitable for both water and trail terrains, but it’s essential to check the shoe’s features and intended use.

Water shoes should fit snugly but not too tightly. A secure fit ensures that the shoe doesn’t come off during water activities, but it should still allow for comfortable foot movement.

After each use, rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean water to remove chlorine, salt, or other debris. Let them air dry in a shaded area. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as it can weaken the material over time.

While not mandatory, they are beneficial. They protect kids’ feet from rough pool bottoms, reduce the risk of slipping, and prevent any fungal infections from communal pool areas.

Most water shoes for kids are made from synthetic materials like neoprene or mesh that dry quickly and offer flexibility. The soles are often made from rubber or a similar material for better grip.

8. How do I ensure the water shoes are slip-resistant?
Look for shoes labeled as ‘non-slip’ or ‘anti-slip.’ The sole should have a good tread pattern for better grip on wet surfaces.

We hope this FAQ helps you make informed decisions when purchasing water shoes for your child. Remember, the key is to prioritize

Final Word

It is prudent to send your loved one outdoors in a pair of shoes that withstand wetness. Slippery surfaces are dangerous, so take a keen look at the shoe’s sole before purchasing to check its traction. 

Also, go for shoes that dry fast as they don’t encourage the growth of mold or bacteria that could affect your child’s health.

The article above on the best water shoes for kids will equip you with all the information needed to reach the right decision for your child’s footwear.

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As an avid swimmer and kayak lover for decades, I know how important it is to get the right shoes to keep your feet healthy.
I’ll let you in on some secrets only a few know…

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