5 Best Water Shoes for Men (For Fun-Filled Water Adventure)

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Summer for many is a time to relax at the pool, beach, or any water body to keep your body cool. And for you to have an easy time navigating across wet or muddy areas, you will need the best water shoes for men to keep you comfortable and safe in slippery conditions.

The hardest part comes when choosing a good water shoe that will serve you well for long. 

Here is the thing: Water shoes should be good enough to keep you stable on any slippery surface.

Also, the shoes should be protective enough to cushion your feet from sharp rocks and other debris on the ground. Besides, the shoes should dry quickly after exposure to water.

Below are some of the best water shoes the market has to offer. Keep reading to get your preferred shoe type.

Quick Glance: Best Water Shoes for Men

ShoeBest forColor optionsAvailable shoe size
UBFEN Men’s Water ShoesBeach Sports224 – 14
DLGJPA Men’s Aqua Water ShoesSurf Walking25N/A
Body Glove Men’s  Barefoot Water Shoe Swimming410.2-12.1
HIITAVE Men Barefoot Water ShoeHiking285.5-13.5
Cressi Neoprene Water ShoeSnorkelling404-14.5

Best Water Shoes for Men – Our Top 5 Picks

1.  Best for Beach Sports: UBFEN Men’s Water Shoes

Searching for water shoes to handle beach sand should not be a struggle anymore with UBFEN Men’s water shoes. Its durable sole comprises convex dots that enable the anti-skid ability, giving strong resistance and friction against beach sand while playing beach games.

UBFEN men’s wear consists of smooth fabric which stretches easily, making it easy to get it on and off. Its light body reduces stress on the legs, but it is also thick enough to protect you from sharp foreign bodies on the ground.

This men’s wear contains several holes on each sole, allowing water seepage from the shoes. These holes help make your shoes dry fast from the inside. The holes are also not big enough to allow sand or rocks inside, giving you a comfortable wearing experience.

2. Best for Surf Walking: DLGJPA Men’s Aqua Water Shoes

DLGJPA Men’s aqua water shoes are made up of a unique, top-quality anti-slip rubber sole. This rubber sole provides adequate grip while walking on slippery areas.

An open mesh on the upper sole provides super breathability creating cooler conditions inside the shoes. The sole has small holes that allow water to seep out, ensuring your shoes dry quickly.

Its material is made up of breathable, lightweight fabric that is flexible and comfortable against the skin. Its lightweight material sole is hard enough to protect the feet while enhancing walking stability.

DLGJPA water shoes have elastic straps that adjust to the size of your legs. These elastic straps will enable you to avoid tying pesky shoelaces that can make you fall when not tied. Its complete covering design provides good toe protection keeping every bit of your fit safe.

3. Best for Swimming: Body Glove Men’s Barefoot Water Shoe

Body glove men’s water shoes are made of quick-dry materials and an integrated drainage system that allows water to move in and out freely, making it the real deal for swimming activities. Its breathable, lightweight sole is specifically designed to enable you to carry out water activities with ease.

Its stretch fit adjustable shock lace system allows easy slip-on wear and maintains a proper fit once worn. This shock lace system makes it perfect for carrying out sports activities.

This water shoe has a three-toe design that gives a barefoot feel while walking experience. Its zero heel lift and low profile grip sole provide maximum traction for walking anywhere from the beach to the river bed.

4. Best for Hiking: HIITAVE Men Barefoot Water Shoe

If you are looking for the perfect water shoes for hiking, HIITAVE water shoes may be the perfect choice for you. Its sole is made up of genuine quality rubber that offers a balance of durability and traction, with a responsive feel when walking on unpredictable terrain. The rubber is also strong enough to protect your feet while stepping on sharp stones.

HIITAVE water shoe is made up of quick-dry materials that have an integrated drainage system on its sole. This drainage system on the sole helps drain water from the shoes, maintaining a cooler and healthy environment inside the shoes.

This water shoe is made of a flexible fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly. The flexible fabric provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for your feet.

5. Best for Snorkeling: Cressi Neoprene Water Shoe

Cressi neoprene water shoe comprises a 3 mm neoprene ultra-durable anti-slip sole made of pure rubber. This rubber sole is long-lasting and maintains perfect control while engaging in water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

This water shoe fits perfectly fits any leg type without requiring shoelaces. The superelastic material provides comfortable, tight, and easy on and off wear, perfect for sport-related activities.

Cressi water shoe is made of a material that is lightweight and breathable. This material makes the shoe light on the legs and allows proper airflow into the shoes. The water shoe is also quite flexible and can be used on any terrain.

Its toe cap has enough room to ensure your toes fit perfectly, providing adequate, satisfactory legroom. This legroom guarantees you comfort while wearing its durable rubber heel, giving you the perfect control of the shoes while walking.

Wrap Up

When picking the best water shoes for men, consider the type of water sport you intend to play with it, its durability, and the type of material it is made of. The water shoes above will give you a good value for your money once you choose them wisely based on your preferences.

The current market is full of water shoes, some of which are cheap, but they may not serve you well and for long as you expect. Some water shoes are made of poor quality material; therefore, you should be keen on the type of shoes you pick from the market.

But don’t worry much; the picks above are among the best water shoes you can find. It is meant to ease your market search for water shoes that fit your preferences.

Do yourself a favor and pick one that satisfies your needs and will give you good value for your money. With that in mind, all the best when shopping for your water shoe!

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As an avid swimmer and kayak lover for decades, I know how important it is to get the right shoes to keep your feet healthy.
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As an avid swimmer and kayak lover for decades, I know how important it is to get the right shoes to keep your feet healthy.
I’ll let you in on some secrets only a few know…

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