Jenny Schmidt

About Jenny Schmidt

Hi Everybody!


My name is Jenny Schmidt and I’m passionate about two things – swimming and kayaking. I’ve been doing both for many years and one thing I learned, is how important it is to have the right shoes to protect your feet.

I started as a swimmer. I was always drawn to the water and loved the way it made me feel – free and weightless. I started competing when I was eight years old and quickly realized that I had a talent for it. I loved the feeling of pushing myself to see how far I could go and the sense of accomplishment when I won a race.

Eventually, I started kayaking as well. I loved being out on the open water, exploring new places, and the sense of adventure it gave me. I also loved the fact that it was a great workout.

Along the way, as in any sport, I’ve had my share of injuries. But one of the things I’ve learned is that a good pair of shoes can make all the difference. They can protect your feet from the elements and keep you from getting hurt.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my knowledge about water shoes with other people who love being in the water as much as I do. I’ll let you in on some secrets that hopefully help you find the perfect pair of water shoes for your needs. Thanks for reading!